Solving intractable IT identity and access problems
About Marlena

Marlena has been an innovator in security and distributed computing systems for over twenty years.

She is a seminal contributor to the SAML and Shibboleth federation standards. She's also the lead architect for CAR (Consent-informed Attribute Release), a privacy-enhancing system being implemented and deployed at Duke University.

Marlena loves plunging into a complex problem and coming up with ways to simplify life for end users, administrators, and developers.

You can read more about Marlena's work on some exemplar projects in Case Studies.

You can find her resume (as a PDF) here.

Marlena is happy to talk to you about your identity and access management issues. The initial consultation (of 15 to 30 minutes) is at no cost.

Photo of Marlena
" to dive right in on complex technical subjects."
—Rich Salz, Chief Security Architect, DataPower IBM
Solving intractable IT identity and access problems
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