Solving intractable IT identity and access problems
Got IAM Problems? I can save you time and money.
Here's some of what I can do for you:
  • Detangle nests of interacting account and identity systems
  • Align your access rules to regulatory policy (e.g. GDPR)
  • Simplify identity and access administration
  • Demystify vendor product claims
  • Explain complex issues—and benefits!—in ways stakeholders can understand
Marlena at whitegoard
"Great results, personable, expert."
—Peter Lieberwirth, President of Identity Associates
The Difference
  • Super-geek with a human touch
  • Unusual ability to relate with "normal people"
  • Independent of any vendor: My only agenda is your success
  • I work at any scale you need, from "how to think about it" to fixing code
Past Clients Include
Solving intractable IT identity and access problems
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